AFW endorses GREC statement following the EU Referendum Decision

Aberdeen for a Fairer World endorses the following statement, made by our colleagues at Grampian Regional Equality Council (GREC) on 30 June 2016:

GREC Statement Following the EU Referendum Decision

As for many in the North East of Scotland, and further afield, last week’s referendum result came as a surprise to the staff and board of Grampian Regional Equality Council. The last few months has seen an intense focus on immigration, particularly on the perceived negatives of increased diversity within our communities. At such a time we urge everyone to reflect on what unites us as humans, rather than what can be used to divide and separate us.

Aberdeen is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the UK, with one in six of its residents born outside of the UK. Many people in the North East are proud to live in a multi-cultural society, and we strive to work with partners to continue this positive attitude to welcoming new arrivals.

It is concerning to hear of the upsurge in hate crime and prejudice targeted mainly against EU nationals in parts of the UK. We would urge everyone to be vigilant against such incidents arising in the North East of Scotland, to report them (to Police Scotland or GREC) and to show solidarity and support to those who have been affected. GREC has support services available for victims of hate crime and prejudice, please phone 01224 595505 or email for advice or more information. Further we encourage everyone to consider what they can do within their local communities to promote positive relations between people of different nationalities and cultures.

 Dave Black

General Manager, Grampian Regional Equlaity Council