FREE Twilight CPD at MDEC, 3 November 2016: Global Goal 6 – Clean Water & Sanitation

As 2.4 billion people across the world lack access to basic sanitation services, such as toilets or latrines, this is one of our prominent global issues.

In this session we look at how to bring this taboo-surrounded topic into the classroom.

To book your place, please email Hannes Sundkvist

Aim and Session

One target of Global Goal 6: Clean Water & Sanitation is:

“By 2030, achieve access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and end open defecation, paying special attention to the needs of women and girls and those in vulnerable situations.”

The aim with this session is to explore ways to raise awareness of this global issue, but also discuss how to take action. The session will focus on some of the excellent material produced to bring taboo sanitation topics into the classroom. We will also link contemporary global sanitation issues with the local, and one event in particular: the typhoid breakout in Aberdeen 1964.

This CPD will also prepare schools for World Toilet Day on 19 November by presenting ways in which you, and your school, can participate and take action.

Material and Resources

Attendees at this session will be given the chance to explore material from three organisations that have produced material focusing on global issues around clean water and sanitation. These are WaterAid, World’s Largest Lesson and Practical Action.


By attending this session, teachers will widen their understanding of water and sanitation issues and how these affect other equality areas, such as gender inequality and access to education. Those attending will also gain confidence to bring the topic into the classroom.

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Our Fair Trade shop at 44 Union Street

Unfortunately our lease has come to an end and our Fair Trade shop will close its doors for the last time on Saturday 29 October.

Until then we will continue to open as follows, so you can stock up on Fair Trade goods:

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FREE Twilight CPD at MDEC, Thursday 27 October 2016 : Miniature Earth Learning Project

melpThe Miniature Earth Learning Project is an Aberdeen based project, developed by teachers for schools to use to further engage with Global Learning activities. This session will explore and engage with this project.

One of the leaders of the project, James Packham – Principal Teacher, Sunnybank School – will take the lead on this CPD Session. The project links well with other initiatives designed to raise awareness on issues and promote Global Citizenship, such as Children’s Rights through RRSA, UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Fair Trade.

To book your place, please email Hannes Sundkvist

Aim and Session

The aim of this session is to gain more knowledge and confidence for further engagement in the Miniature Earth Learning Project (MELP). The session is designed to give an understanding of the project and how schools can take it further to address and explore global issues. It can be used as a whole school approach to Global Learning and is a fantastic way raise awareness and take action.

Material and Resources

This session will mainly focus on how to future engage with the MELP. Attendees will be given example activities from the resource “If the World was a Village of Hundred People”. This material offers a statistical approach to global issues and is designed to further understanding of the world through a community of one hundred people.


Attendees will know how to engage with the project. They will gain confidence to deliver the project, as well as getting insight into a new, creative way to promote Global Citizenship.

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OWW in Aberdeen – events in October 2016




One World Week, part of a celebration throughout the UK, takes place in Aberdeen over three weeks from 15 October – 6 November 2016 and both celebrates our all living in one world and promotes peace, global justice and respect for diversity.

Contact Nigel Dower:

OWW 2016 in Aberdeen marks our gratitude to John Forster who sadly died on 7 July 2014 and whose great enthusiasm and commitmentlay behind the revival of Aberdeen’s contribution to OWW in the last five years.


Saturday 15 October

2.00 pm – 4.00 pm


Fairtrade Shop

44 Union Street


AB10 1BD


Aberdeen for a Fairer World (AFW)


contact: Hannes Sundkvist



A chocolate tasting event at our Fair Trade shop


It should be a ‘divine’ experience!

We will also sell chocolate for which you will get a good deal, give out information and talk to visitors about the supply chain and our consumer patterns (with Cacao Beans as an example)



Sunday 23 October

11.00 am


Aberdeen Unitarian Church Centre

43A Skene Terrace

AB10 1RN



Aberdeen Interfaith Group (AIFG)

in conjunction with Aberdeen Unitarian Church


contact: Caroline Cormack



Interfaith service on the theme of “Acting together for One World in Peace”


All welcome



Wednesday 26 October

6.00 pm – 7.30 pm


University of Aberdeen campus (exact venue tba)

Aberdeen University Students’ Association and Waste &  Aberdeen City Council

Contact: Tanita Addario


Lewis Macleod



Food panel discussion at the University of Aberdeen

Speakers will include Tanita Addario, from the Recycling Team at Aberdeen City Council and Ian Duncan, Development Work Manager from Community Food Initiatives North East (CFINE).



Thursday 27 October

4.30 pm – 6.00 pm


Montgomery DEC

79 Queen Street

AB10 1AN




Aberdeen for a Fairer World


contact: Hannes Sundkvist



A CPD session: The Miniature Earth Learning Project


An Aberdeen based project, by teachers for teachers. This session will explore how schools can engage with this project.


Thursday 27 October

6.00 pm – 8.00 pm

Aberdeen Town House

Broad Street

AB10 1AQ


GREC and Aberdeen City Council


contact: Dave Black



Launch of Aberdeen Multi-Faith Forum

Share your ideas on what would make Aberdeen a fairer and more equal place.

Find out what a Multi-faith Forum is and help shape its future.


FREE Twilight CPD at MDEC, Thursday 6 October 2016 : Global Goal 5 – Gender Equality

Montgomery Development Education Centre and Europe Direct Information Centre Aberdeen have created joint signpost material on Gender Equality – this session will use this material as a springboard for bringing the topic into the classrooms.

To book your place, please email Hannes Sundkvist

Aim and content of session

The aim with this session is firstly to explore ways the topic of Gender Equality is best addressed in the classroom. Our second aim is to create a space where those attending can share experience with each other during the session. Attendees will be encourage to discuss material and activities that actively encourage critical thinking around gender stereotypes by asking questions. What does it mean to discriminate against someone because of their gender? This session will also stress how Gender Equality can be used as a narrative to explore Global Learning, by looking at ways equality issues are evident – not only globally but also locally.

Material and Resources

At this session you will receive a copy of the resource Achieving Gender Equality in Scotland, Europe and the Rest of the World. This resource, produced by Europe Direct Information Office Aberdeen, was released on the 26 September 2016 and distributed at the Scottish Learning Festival. During this session we will explore other material designed to support teaching on Gender Equality. These are mainly from The World’s Largest Lesson, Practical Action and Stride Magazine.


Attendees will gain knowledge of the latest material on teaching Gender Equality and increased confidence in bringing the topic into the classroom. The outcome of this session is to give broader understanding of Gender Equality issues as a global phenomenon, and how to link it at local (ie national) level.

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