Exploring different standpoints on Fair Trade – a seminar at Montgomery DEC on Thursday 27 April 2017, 6 – 8pm

Welcome to an evening exploring different standpoints on fair trade.

We will be looking at whether fair trade is an effective contribution to global justice and will also discuss how organisations promote and portray fair trade in the UK.

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First talk
Dr Nigel Dower
What makes Fair Trade Fair’
This talk seeks to show that, although benevolence often underlies motivation for fair trade, a more adequate motivational basis involves theories of global justice and attempts to reduce an individual’s dependence on systems of injustice.

Second talk
Rosario Alurralde & Hannes Sundkvist
‘The image of Fair Trade and the challenges on each side of the supply chain’
What message comes across when we discuss fair trade? This talk will examine the challenges on each side of the supply chain, including the possible contradiction of some NGOs advocating for fair trade while other NGOs deliver aid projects.

Refreshments will be served, fairly traded of course!

Tou will find Montgomery DEC at 79 Queen Street AB10 1AN – for further details and directions, please visit the Contact us page of this website

Summer term 2017 at Montgomery DEC – book your CPD places now!

During Term 4, we are offering three CPD twilights focusing on organisations which produce Global Learning material. Each session is designed for attendees to gain knowledge of well-known resource providers, as well as exploring and gaining confidence in their resources. Sessions will cover both primary and secondary resources.

To book places please follow the Eventbrite links, for more information please email Hannes Sundkvist: mdec.hannes@btconnect.com

All sessions will take place at Montgomery DEC, 79 Queen Street AB10 1AN and are held on Thursdays from 4.30pm – 6.00pm

For more details, please see MDEC CPD Leaflet Summer term 2017

  18 May 2017 – Practical Action resources

Welcome to the world of Practical Action’s free, STEM-based resources on Global Learning. This session will focus on how their practical activities can be used to address global issues, such as climate change.

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  25 May 2017UNICEF resources

“Every child has the right to an education – whatever their background, gender or ethnicity.” This is a recurring theme in UNICEF’s resources, designed to support teachers when embedding rights learning in their classrooms.

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  8 June 2017Oxfam Education resources

Oxfam Education offer a wide range of ideas, resources and support for developing Global Learning and pupils’ understanding of the world and how to make positive difference in it. This session will cover a wide range of material suitable for introducing Global Citizenship.

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