• Challenge stereotypes
  • Focus on what people have in common as well as celebrating diversity
  • Enhance critical thinking skills by requiring pupils to think about causes and consequences of injustice and inequalities

 from ‘What makes a good global citizenship resource’  produced by the Education Team, RISC

We have an extensive library of participative materials showing how Global Citizenship can be embedded in topics across the curriculum at all teaching stages – these can be borrowed free of charge. Please email us at to arrange a visit to our office and for advice on selecting and using resources.

The Miniature Earth Learning Project (MELP) is an initiative that sustainably inspires young people on their journey through global citizenship. We have produces a resource booklet that is designed to provide information about the project and how you, and your school, can get involved.

MELP Questionnaire (Page 6): Initial Questionnaire Frame
MELP Mat Activity (Page 7): Mat Activity Recording Sheet Frame


Our Global Learning Advisors find the following online resources particularly useful:

The World’s Largest Lesson is an online platform providing a large number of free resources to teach about the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

What Makes Me Happy is a series of short, fun films showing that even where lives are difficult children can still find happiness. The British Council has developed two classroom resources for each of these films; one aimed at 5-7 year olds and one for 7-11 year old:

How Do We Know It’s Working? Produced by Reading Intyernational Solidarity Centre and devised by a network of teachers in the UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ethiopia, thi toolkit supports teachers in finding out what pupils think about global and local issues and provides tools for measuring the impact of their teaching

OUR RESOURCES COVER THE FOLLOWING TOPICS links take you to IDEAS’ resource website Signposts 

Climate change, Environment, Fair trade, Family, Food and farming, Gender, Health, Homes, Human rights, Poverty, Racism, Refugees and Migration, Slavery, Taking action, Toys and games, Water

MONTGOMERY DEC RESOURCE SHEETS please contact us if you’d like to borrow the resources featured, or would like advice on using them.

MDEC Global Learning websites updated August 2016

MDEC Dos and Don’ts of using GC resources August 2016

MDEC Using photos and objects updated August 2016

MDEC Fair Trade resources updated August 2016

MDEC Peace & Conflict resources updated August 2016

MDEC Global Goals resources updated August 2016

MDEC Refugee resources updated August 2016

Many thanks to our colleagues at HIGHLAND ONE WORLD in Inverness, who have generously shared the following resource sheets:

HOW Art and Design GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW Business Education GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW English GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW Geography GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW History GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW Home Economics GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW Mathematics GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW Modern Languages GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW Music GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW PE GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW RME GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW Sciences Biology GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW Sciences Chemistry GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW Sciences Physics GC Resources Summer 2016

HOW Technical GC Resources Summer 2016


globalcit What makes a good global citizenship resource?

Produced for Global Dimension Website by the Education Team at Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC).

globalcitcal Global Citizenship Calendar and resource links

Many dates in the calendar are dedicated to campaigns, events and issues related to Global Citizenship, which can provide a useful focus for planning classroom learning and linking cross-curricular activities.

You can see a full calendar with links to further information and resources at Calendar | Global Dimension

Image result for oxfam education for global citizenship Oxfam Global Citizenship Guides 

On the Oxfam website you can download the excellent document Getting started with Global Citizenship (Scotland) and also


Teach Global Ambassadors project worked with Secondary school teachers in Scotland and Lithuania to develop leaders of global learning who went on to support the development of Global Citizenship in their schools and local authorities. The website shares the many resources the project created, by curriculum area.

Practical Action has science, design and technology and geography resources focusing on global issues including energy, climate change and disaster risk reduction. Their free teaching resources include lesson plans, PowerPoints, activities, posters, challenges, images, videos and games all set within a global context. Check out their popular STEM challenges too.

British Red Cross has a wide variety of teaching resources. They make good use of photo images, particularly on disasters and emergencies, and their Newsthink  section is excellent when discussing current affairs with pupils.

Action Aid has lesson plans, assemblies, case studies, videos and more – their wide-ranging resources help teachers introduce global issues at all key stages.