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Thank you for working with us during the 2018-19 session – we hope that you have a restful break and look forward to working with you during the 2019-20 session!

15 Years of Fairtrade status for Aberdeen city

In 2004 Aberdeen became the first Fairtrade city in Scotland. Every two years since then, the Fairtrade steering group is required to show the commitments the city continues to make to maintain the award. 

What is required?

Glad you asked!

To achieve Fairtrade status a city must continue to take action on the five goals set by the Fairtrade Foundation. These are:

Local council passes a resolution supporting Fairtrade and agrees to serve Fairtrade products

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A range of Fairtrade products are readily available in the area’s shops and served in local cafés, restaurants and pubs

Local workplaces and community organisations support Fairtrade and use Fairtrade products wherever possible

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Media coverage and events raise awareness and understanding of Fairtrade across the community.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we work alongside other groups  to promote fairtrade activities in the region

AFW team and steering group members

A local Fairtrade steering group is convened to ensure the campaign continues to develop and gain new support.