Aberdeen Fairtrade City Steering Group

fairtrade2One of the five goals to be attained by any city aspiring to Fairtrade status is the establishment of a steering group that monitors and supports the development and commitment to Fairtrade required to maintain the award.   Aberdeen’s steering group reflects the increasing number of city businesses, organisations, educational establishments and faith groups in the city working to promote and use Fairtrade.

New members are always welcome.  To find out more about the Aberdeen Fairtrade City Steering Group, email ecocity@aberdeencity.gov.uk  or visit our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/aberdeenfairtrade

One thing everyone can do to spread Fairtrade is to sign up to our Fairtrade Pledge.  You can pledge to support Fairtrade by buying products, telling people about Fairtrade, or persuading your organisation to supply Fairtrade.   You can read more about the Pledge scheme here: http://bit.ly/13Ftpledge

Our Flagship employer is currently NorthLink Ferries and they are working towards using as many Fairtrade and ethically sourced products as possible.

This is our mascot, FT Banana.   You can follow his exploits on his blog:- https://fairtradeodyssey.wordpress.com/FT Campaign award 2015

The adventures of Efftie and the co-operative venture of Aberdeen Fairtrade, NorthLink Ferries and Orkney Fair Trade Group recently won for all three organisations the accolade of Campaign of the Year 2015. Here is Efftie considering the certificate we received from the Scottish Fair Trade Forum.